Which is a good choice of safes for home use?

Which is a good choice of safes for home use?

Modern families usually buy a safe home safe, which stores their private money, jewelry, cash, gold, documents, and other valuables.

But there is a wide variety of home safes, not only anti-theft, fire, anti-magnetic, and other safes. Even for the choice of the panel is also numerous, the whole market is electronic password safe or fingerprint password safe, of course, the old mechanical password safe still exists, you can choose different lock panel according to their needs. Each panel has its own advantages, can only say that each has its own characteristics.

In the face of so many safes, how should you choose a home safe that suits your needs?

Fireproof. In today’s choice of fireproof safes is important, because fire is a greater danger in modern society, once a fire occurs, valuables will not be able to recover, therefore, the choice of fireproof safes is the need of the hour.

The choice of the panel. First of all, the mechanical code safe is more stable, durable, and does not require power. But the operation method is slow to learn, the operation is not convenient, modifying the password need professionals and even some are unable to modify. Then is the electronic password safe with the fast operation, Modifying the password is relatively simple random and other advantages, the disadvantage is that the stability and durability are not as mechanical password. Finally is the fingerprint password safe, fingerprints in this world are difficult to find the same, so the fingerprint identification technology used to the safe, confidential, easy to use. However, the dryness and humidity requirements of the hands are more stringent!

After reading these, perhaps you will know how to choose a home safely instead.