What is the probability of fire around you?

What is the probability of fire around you?

Small probability events are bound to happen!

In statistics, there is a classic assertion called “small probability events are bound to happen”, which means that even if the probability of an event is small, the probability of it happening to an individual will be 100%.

For example, the probability of the Earth being hit by a small object 10 km in diameter is 1 in 6,000; the probability of an air crash is 1 in 4.7 million …… These events have a very small probability of occurrence, and if they do occur the consequences are unpredictable.

Many people think that fire is also very far away from us, but is this the case?

An unextinguished cigarette butt

An unconnected wire

A hole lantern floating in the air

An illegal charging bicycle

can become the fuse of a fire tragedy

Most people think that such a small probability event does not happen often, so let down your guard, ignore fire safety and escape self-rescue skills to learn, resulting in a fire that should not have happened became a “small probability event of necessity.

Some data show that in Shanghai’s high-rise buildings, with a 10-year life expectancy, the probability of a fire is 13.85%; with a 30-year life expectancy, the probability of a fire is 41.55%; and with a 70-year life expectancy, the probability of a fire is almost 100%. This is a greater fear than we think of in our minds.

Focus on avoiding the risk of fire

There are always uncertain risks in our life, and the sudden occurrence of a small probability event may bring irreparable damage.

If we may think carefully and comprehensively beforehand, and spend some thought and cost on risk prevention and transfer, if the risk really happens, our “bill” cost may also be smaller.

For our families or companies, to reduce the risk of fire in addition to good fire safety work, storing valuable objects in a fireproof safe is also a wise choice. And to decide whether a fireproof safe has the fireproof function, fireproof material, and fireproof design is the key. Dingfa fireproof safe, guard your property safety!