Dingfa Safe: Store the good, cherish the eternal!

Dingfa Safe: Store the good, cherish the eternal!

With cell phones and the Internet as instant communication tools, the original function of the post office is declining day by day. Roadside mailboxes are hard to find in developed big cities, and it has become a legend that the mailboxes are full when the sender finds them in the narrow mailboxes.

Do you remember the last time you wrote a letter to someone with a pen and a letterhead? When was the last time you chose a stamp and went to the post office to mail it after writing it?

The letter is the emotional history of the letter, they are writing a letter at the same time, but also do their own love of the Prince of History, many years later to come to fruition again to look through the yellowing and brittle letter, see the initial panic, hesitation, and heart will also be a smile it.

Even if they have a happy home, they will also quietly receive them in the trousseau, put in a secret place, or even with the bottom of the dowry to bring to the new home, at some point out to look back on the sea, think about the person who had been there and at the time themselves. When you take it out years later and witness the love object again, all the memories of the past come flooding back to you, how sweet the memories.

These years of wind and rain, “even if you are sitting in a wheelchair, where can not go, is still the treasure of my hand; I love you like a mouse loves rice; you are in the time, you are everything; you are not in the time, everything is you. My love is eternal!” Perhaps this is eternal love! To be with one’s lover today, such love is enviable! Those precious letters, priceless than priceless! Dingfa safe, for your letters, to provide a safe space to store the beauty, cherish eternal love!