Escape from fire, life is paramount, don’t try to rescue property

Escape from fire, life is paramount, don’t try to rescue property!

July 24 this year occurred in Changchun, an accidental fire broke out in a wedding photography studio, the fire eventually caused 15 deaths, 25 people were injured, The fire eventually caused 15 deaths and 25 injuries. After investigation, the fire was caused by a malfunction of the lighting circuit in the upper part of the studio and igniting the surrounding combustible materials.

When a fire occurs, personal safety is the most important, there are a few fire escape knowledge that must be mastered.

Never blindly jump, can use the evacuation stairs, balconies, downpipes, and other escapes to save themselves. Rope can also be used to bedsheets, covers were torn into strips connected to form a rope, tightly bolted to the window frame, heating pipes, iron bars, and other fixed objects, towels, cloth, etc. to protect the palm of your hand, slide down the rope, or down to the floor not on fire out of danger.

1、Escape quickly when the fire strikes, do not covet your belongings.

2, cover your nose with a wet towel; in the fire often produces a lot of smoke, the smoke contains a lot of harmful substances and dust particles, be inhaled will cause asphyxiation, poisoning, coma, and other conditions, the main purpose of using a wet towel to cover your nose is to prevent excessive inhalation of these harmful substances and particles.

3, away from the fire, quickly escape from the fire; fire burning often causes collapse and other situations, in the fire, people should keep a cool head, try to stay away from the fire, and quickly escape from the fire to ensure the safety of life to a greater extent.

4, looking for possible escape routes; if unfortunately in the fire, should look for possible escape routes, as soon as possible to escape the scene.

5, lying in place to wait for rescue; if you are in the fire door, fire door monitoring system in order to ensure the safety of the door has been closed after the fire, and around a cell phone or telephone communication equipment, should be a time to send a distress signal and then lying on the ground to wait for rescue. Never blindly escape from the fire door, which may seriously threaten the safety of life.

Life safety is the most important, no matter how the fire is the first to rescue life rather than property. If you have a Dingfa fireproof safe at home, then you don’t have to worry about the safety of your belongings when a fire breaks out. After the disaster, you can still find the safe inside the intact belongings.