Have you ever seen a safe for storing tapes, films, and digital products?

Have you ever seen a safe for storing tapes, films, and digital products?

With the rise of collecting fever in recent years, the expansion of collecting channels, and the emergence of auction platforms, some rare early cinematic films have surfaced. How to get information and clues of those rare images in time, through the paid collection, and then dig deeper into their intrinsic value, and organize, restore, develop and promote their use, this is an emerging collection category.

Collecting and storing tapes, films, and digital products is not a simple matter. In addition to controlling the preservation of temperature and humidity, fire prevention is also particularly important.

UL Laboratories in the United States in the fire safe test standards set a special for film, CDs, and other digital media protection of the safe fire test standards, that is, UL Class 125 fire standards.

The standard also refers to other levels of fire protection requirements standardized 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, or even 3 hours 4 hours of fire test standards. It is worth noting that the UL125 fireproof safe test, the addition of a judgment dimension – the relative humidity, that is, the relative humidity in the fireproof box after the test can not exceed 85%. At the same time, the entire testing process must ensure that the temperature inside the box is below 125°F (i.e. 52°C).

To a safe that meets UL 125 fire protection standards, when the safe is placed in a combustion furnace at room temperature, it starts to burn until 1 hour, and the temperature inside the furnace reaches 1700℉ (i.e. 927℃). At this point, stop continuing to burn, so that the product in the high-temperature furnace is naturally down to room temperature and removed. The internal electric thermocouple detects that the temperature inside the safe is always below 125℉ (i.e. 52℃), and the humidity inside the box detected by the hygrometer is below 85%, which is a qualified UL125 class 1 hour fireproof safe.

For fans of collecting tapes, films, and digital products, precious products need to be protected by a reliable fireproof safe.