Dingfa safe, only to guard your safety

Dingfa safe, only to guard your safety

In life, it seems to appear more and more in the eyes of the world, it is not as elegant and beautiful as people think, not to mention a valuable collection of items, but people need its existence because it can give people security they need in life.

Modern young people most of the newlyweds have left their parents, choose to live alone outside, both to protect the sweet life of the two also to avoid some small life friction with parents than for the newlyweds also need a family safe, you can use it to collect about you two some small sweet, but also collect some valuable jewelry and other items! Let the family safe give love more than one safe!

Home placement location also affects the safety of the safe, different locations to use, the style and function of the safe are not the same.

1, hidden in the hole in the wall, outside the word-painting or removable furniture cover; this need to pick a good size safe according to the thickness of the wall, buried in the wall when the decoration; this type of safe is usually small size.

2, hidden in the corner of the stairs or room mezzanine; this usually requires the design and production of a very hidden, the appearance of the door can not be seen, open the door before you can see the safe. Such installation can be larger size safes.

3, installed in the closet, bedside table, with the furniture together, the safe perfectly hidden in the furniture. This kind also needs to pick the safe according to the size of the closet or bedside table. Decorated safe and furniture organic integration together, from the appearance is furniture only.