In order to home property security, how to choose a safe?

In order to home property security, how to choose a safe?

Nowadays, people’s security awareness is getting stronger and stronger, and the use of home safes is becoming more and more common. In order to ensure the safety of home property, the choice of safe should be careful.

1, Size selection

We first talk about the choice of size, I think the choice of size must consider two factors, one is the size of the stored items, especially pay attention to consider the length, width, height, and size of the stored items. Second, to meet the location of the safe installation needs, in general, the size of the home safe, 200 * 300 * 250, 300 * 400 * 450, 300 * 350 * 300, the choice can be based on our personal needs for the size of the choice. But pay attention to not too big, too big will to a certain extent affect the beauty of the decoration, but also easy to attract the attention of others.

2, Fire performance

Fire performance is an important indicator of the measurement of the safe, the purchase should pay attention to see whether the use of fire-resistant materials, or whether there is no fire certification, and so on.

3, Locking device

The main locks on the market are mechanical, electronic, fingerprint. Mechanical type is mainly characterized by the use of more traditional methods, the average consumer can accept, but the replacement code trouble. Electronic type is convenient and flexible to use, easy to replace the password, can achieve relatively more functions. Fingerprint locks are characterized by the use of very convenient, a good solution to the lack of keys, or lost keys and other problems, it is recommended that you choose these styles of insurance locks.


Generally speaking, the same model of the weight of the safe will not be too much different, if the heavy is likely to fill the box with other substances, the light is that the thickness of the steel plate is not enough, or the steel plate material is poor.

5, After-sales service

Safe is a relatively special commodity, it is not what can be repaired once the problem arises, there must be professional personnel for maintenance. This requires us to choose a good after-sales service is also necessary to ensure that the after-sales telephone call at any time to play, to ensure that the professionals personally to the door service. This will ensure that we use no worries.