How to prevent fire safety hazards at home

How to prevent fire safety hazards at home

1. do not charge electronic products all night.

2. regularly check the home electric wire for aging, damage, etc.

3. promptly clean up debris on balconies, corridors, and stairs.

4. regularly clean hood ventilation pipes.

5. do not answer the phone and do other household chores while ironing clothes.

6. do not put gasoline and other volatile and flammable products at home.

7. do not smoke in bed or on the sofa, cigarette butts and matchsticks should be completely extinguished before discarding.

8. use candles, incense to have candle holders as stands.

9. Residents should be familiar with evacuation routes such as evacuation routes and safety exits in the building to ensure a quick and safe escape in case of fire. In case of fire, do not be greedy for belongings and escape quickly.