Property is protected by it, not afraid of fire

Property is protected by it, not afraid of fire

Whether in life or in production, winter is the high incidence of fire, pay attention to winter fire prevention, together with the elimination of safety hazards around

The winter months represent the entry of winter, the weather will slowly become cold. Winter is dry and dry, is the high incidence of various types of fire accidents; winter fire, electricity, gas increased, and meet the fire heating period, fire factors; once a fire, it will cause huge losses. It is also because of the frequency of fire and electricity with gas, fire hazards are increasing, fire safety should not be careless.

Winter fires are frequent causes

A. Dry weather. Fall and winter precipitation decreases, water evaporation accelerates, thus improving the combustion properties of items.

Second, more combustible materials. Grass withered, fallen leaves colorful, and soon piled up, once encountered fire easy to fire source disaster. In addition, this time quite a lot of traditional festivals, many folk activities after the end of the site trash, plus some fireworks, lantern rituals, greatly increased the generation of combustible materials.

Third, the wind helps firepower. Autumn and winter wind. Once the fire, the fire by the wind, the wind to help the firepower, easy to cause a fire, and the formation of a large area of the fire.

Fourth, static electricity fire. Dry climate, relatively low air humidity, very easy to generate static electricity. And static electricity on the production and storage of flammable and explosive substances in the premises is extremely dangerous and can easily lead to fire or even explosive accidents.

For our popular family or company, to reduce the risk of fire in addition to good fire safety work, the valuable objects stored in a fireproof safe are also a wise choice.