How to find a reliable Chinese supplier

How to find a reliable Chinese supplier

Suppliers in the whole business chain and its important link, find the right supplier, your business is half successful, how to find a reliable supplier, is every buyer and its concern about the topic: 1.

1. Attend a well-known exhibition like Canton Fair, in general, the manufacturers who can go to the Canton Fair are also a certain strength, through face-to-face communication, you can basically determine whether the manufacturer is reliable, of course, if you can go to the field factory inspection is the best.

2. China’s domestic trading companies, trading companies are particularly suitable for that variety but the order is relatively scattered, small quantities of multiple batches of buyers, trading companies will help you factory inspection, tracking orders, inspection and delivery, as long as you pay them a relatively small fee, they can do a great job, you can save a lot of energy and costs, or very cost-effective.

3. Through Google search, you can find a large number of Chinese manufacturers, most of them have their own independent official website, you can communicate with them directly, the effect will be better.

4. Through third-party platforms like Alibaba and Made in China, you can also find a large number of suppliers, but these platforms are relatively more complex, what kind of companies are there, you have to have a stronger discernment.

Factory inspection before placing an order is a must, if you can’t be there in person, you should commission a third party to inspect the factory.