Briefly talk about the customer factory inspection considerations

Briefly talk about the customer factory inspection considerations

In recent years, more and more cases of customer factory inspection, but also gradually become a lot of foreign trade enterprises are accustomed to the existence of. Nevertheless, there are still many foreign trade enterprises for the customer misunderstanding. In fact, customer inspection is not as terrible as we think, on the contrary, customer inspection words is also a good way to show our production strength.

Therefore, in order to the long-term development of enterprises, when we face the requirements of customer inspection, do not show too much panic, do not look too lost, we just do a good job to strive to do our business management, the following summarizes some customer inspection considerations, I hope that can play a certain role in reference to the relevant foreign trade enterprises.

A, usually do a good job on the improvement of enterprise products and enhance the work

Why do customers implement factory inspections?

Its main purpose is, of course, to further determine the level of the internal strength of a foreign trade enterprise, because only with a high level of cooperation with foreign trade enterprises, customers are likely to obtain a stable and reliable source of products for supply. So, in order to effectively pass the customer’s factory inspection test, our own strength is still quite important.

“Iron still needs it’s own hard”, no matter how customer inspection to carry out, as long as our strength is strong enough, then through the customer inspection is actually very easy. So it is important to enhance their own level of strength, we have to enhance and improve this work into the usual work practice, from which we continue to learn, strengthen management, and strive to achieve the scientific standardization of enterprise production management and guidance.

Second, do a certain amount of preparation

Foreign trade enterprises, even if they usually do well, in order to effectively pass the customer’s factory inspection assessment, we still have to do a certain amount of preparation or their own strength, but because of some small details of the problem and did not pass the customer’s factory inspection assessment, then we are not worth the loss. In general, the customer factory inspection, generally from both hardware and software to carry out, so if the foreign trade enterprises on this side have enough confidence to pass the enterprise factory inspection assessment, then still can not be taken lightly, to be within the budget allowed, prior to their own hardware equipment and software support situation for a reflection and self-examination, do a good job of the corresponding correction work, so as to strive for the customer really When the factory is inspected, it will leave a good impression on the customer and promote the smooth trade cooperation between the two sides.

Third, to achieve the concept of upgrading

For customer inspection of this thing, different foreign trade enterprises view is not the same, some foreign trade enterprises abhor, very afraid and reject the customer’s inspection requirements, such foreign trade enterprises have actually turned their business out; some foreign trade enterprises for customer inspection trembling, afraid that they can not pass the customer inspection, the whole customer inspection for them as painful as torture, in fact, the These situations boil down to the concept of the problem.

In fact, customer inspection is a win-win good thing, customers can make you such a good business partner, at the same time after the completion of the inspection will also give you certain production improvement advice, which is a favorable thing for foreign trade production enterprises themselves, ah. Therefore, foreign trade enterprises should take the appropriate initiative to change their own concept of customer inspection, and strive to promote the whole concept of the direction of proactive development.

Fourth, do not speculate

In the customer inspection, some foreign trade enterprises are worried, afraid that they can not pass the customer’s inspection audit, but in order to effectively fight the customer, they tend to take some deviations, that is, gullible some so-called relations with the consultant company, want to go through the back door in the form of, for the customer inspection passed successfully. In fact, this kind of opportunistic behavior is not desirable, since the customer inspection, then the middle of the natural supervision agencies or supervision of the implementation of the personnel, and nowadays the development of customer inspection practice is increasingly mature, which means that the middle of the supervision will be more and more strict, those who say they have relations with the consultant company, the possibility of deception is great, as a foreign trade enterprise can think twice before acting.

Five, positive acceptance

Finally, in fact, customer inspection is the normal assessment of the company, there is absolutely no need to panic, as long as they do their part of the work can, in the concept of proactive acceptance, in practice, better participation in the practical operation of customer inspection, and strive to promote the smooth conduct of the entire customer inspection and their own inspection of qualified through, and ultimately promote the smooth cooperation between the two sides.