Why do we need factory inspection and what is the purpose of factory inspection?

Why do we need factory inspection and what is the purpose of factory inspection?

Factory inspection is an important part of supplier assessment, which is based on the documentation system, on-site operation, equipment management, material control, and all other influencing factors that affect supplier supply.

The purpose of factory inspection:

One: buyers hope to further understand the supplier through factory inspection, to obtain specific information on a production scale, management level, technical level, and labor relations, and to compare this information with their supplier standards for a comprehensive assessment, and then make trade-offs according to the assessment results, the factory inspection report provides a basis for buyers to judge whether the supplier can be long-term cooperation.

Second: factory inspection can also help buyers maintain a good reputation and the sustainability of development. You can often see some foreign media exposure of a famous brand using child labor, prison labor, or serious exploitation of labor, (such as Apple’s sweatshop in China), the result is that these brands not only suffer huge fines but also from the consumer boycott.

Three: Nowadays, factory inspection is not only the need of the purchasing companies themselves but also the necessary measures to force dry European and American decrees. Of course, these explanations are a little too written, in fact, we now break the vast majority of people to go to the factory inspection purpose is more simple, first of all, to see if the factory exists; secondly, to see the actual situation of the factory is not so good with the promotional materials and business people say on the mouth.