To pass the factory inspection smoothly, we need the full cooperation of all staff

To pass the factory inspection smoothly, we need the full cooperation of all staff

First, the factory itself should pay attention.
No matter what you do, without a positive and serious attitude is not possible, not to mention the preparation of factory inspection is complex, tedious, do not allow mistakes in the work. Slightly careless, it may lead to factory inspection failure, once not through the inspection, may lead to huge losses, including the failure to receive foreign orders, and foreign trade companies to end cooperation, etc., so, must be taken seriously, the total mobilization of the factory.

Second, the time is rushed, not enough preparation. In the face of factory inspection, many factories in order not to affect the usual production, to complete the production task, usually do not pay attention to, to the end of the rush, and finally lost three, basically not easy to pass. Factory inspection, a large workload, is a team thing, not that a person can be completed alone, only the factory personnel information, including staff attendance, wages, working hours will take a long time to plan, coordinate, and must be done without fail, to know that once the wage attendance, personnel information problems will lead to a total loss.

Third, not enough personnel to cope with factory inspection. In many cases, the factory manager, employees are very active in response to factory inspection, but still did not pass the inspection, which is why? This is likely to be caused by not enough people to do things, the entire factory information is organized by a few people, resulting in too much work for everyone, inevitably make mistakes, in case of fatal errors will lead to direct audit does not pass. Therefore, factory inspection should be the total mobilization of the whole factory, and should not be a few people or leadership things.

Fourth, payroll attendance is the success or failure of factory inspection, we must pay enough attention to do a good job, check carefully, including the departure of staff wages, leave pay, annual leave, etc.

Fifth, all the documents, payroll attendance well, all sorted out, familiar with the information, do not wait for the audit day auditors want this document, can not find, that can not find, by then it will be a handful.