The safes and gun safe should have what functions in the era of intelligence

A mobile phone controls all home appliances, a computer remotely controls the operation of the machine at the worksite. Based on real-time feedback data such as temperature and humidity, carbon dioxide, and sulfur dioxide content, the greenhouse can automatically operate the ventilation spray and open and close the skylights. These previous science fiction movies The scenes here are becoming reality one by one, and all these tell us that an intelligent era of the interconnection of all things has arrived.

In this intelligent era of the Internet of Everything, how to keep up with the times and produce products such as Safes and Gun Safe that meet the needs of the times is a question that our Dingfa Safe has been thinking about! In addition to the most basic functions, our artificial products such as Safes and Gun Safe must be humanized and intelligent to further enhance their safety and convenience in order to meet the needs of social development and meet people’s work or life. need.

Intelligent Safes and Gun Safe must have the following characteristics:
1. Online real-time monitoring function, equipped with external and internal monitoring cameras, real-time monitoring of sound and images, and can be viewed on terminals such as mobile phones or computers.

2. Real-time detection of internal temperature and humidity, which can be displayed on terminal vendors such as mobile phones or computers. According to the set value of temperature and humidity, the dehumidifier can be automatically turned on and off to maintain the internal temperature and humidity within the set range to ensure the safety of items.

3. Equipped with microphones and speakers, which can be interactive between man and machine and everyone.

4. Automatically record the opening time, duration, and closing time.

5. With network authorization, remote operation, and one-key lock function, it increases the convenience and safety of operation.

6. Alarm function, when encountering vibration or illegal opening, it can immediately start on-site alarm and remote automatic alarm.

7. A variety of opening methods-mechanical keys, digital passwords, fingerprint recognition, face recognition, iris recognition, and multiple people to open together.

Of course, this is just one of our words. Welcome, all colleagues, Gun Safes or Safes wholesalers/distributors/brand merchants to discuss together, and jointly promote the progress and steady development of the Safe and Gun Safes industry.