The benefits of configuring manganese steel anti-drill plate inside the safe

Manganese steel, also known as manganese alloy steel, is a kind of high-strength steel, very hard and good toughness at the same time, it has one most important feature, that is, under strong impact and extrusion conditions, the surface layer will rapidly occur heating hardening phenomenon.

This means that if you drill a manganese steel plate with an electric drill, the manganese steel plate will only become harder.

Because of this characteristic of manganese steel, it is often used in shredders, safe steel plates; in the military, high manganese steel is used to make steel helmets, bulletproof steel plates, tank steel armor, and warheads of armor-piercing bullets. Manganese steel is also often used as a structural material in construction, for example, the roofs of many large arenas are made of welded manganese steel pipes. The use of manganese steel tubes as a structural material in large buildings is due to the strong and sturdy nature of manganese steel.

Therefore, the configuration of a manganese steel anti-drilling plate in the safe can greatly enhance the anti-theft and anti-drilling properties of the safe.