How to be a good team leader –Trustworthiness

How to be a good team leader – Trustworthiness

At Dingfa Safe, a good team leader must possess loyalty, maturity, trustworthiness, flexibility, flexibility, and judgment. A person can only become a real leader if he has all these conditions.

Trustworthiness: Trustworthiness is an extension of loyalty. A person can have trustworthiness only if he has loyalty in the first place. I am loyal to the company, my leaders, and my partners first. Only then can I have trust with the company, leaders, and partners.

Of course, the generation of this kind of trust must be centered on me, that is, if I trust the company, leaders, and partners first, they will trust me.

If loyalty connects our hearts to each other, then trust allows us to cooperate with each other more confidently, always relaxed and happy, without any worries, and can even give our hearts to each other.

This kind of trust completely breaks through all kinds of confusions in interpersonal communication, people’s creativity is brought into full play, and people’s passion gives each other infinite power, especially to themselves, and creates a multiplier effect at work.

Why do people feel tired? It is precise because the trust is gone, and each other is always guarding each other, so I feel very tired. This fatigue is mental fatigue, not physical fatigue. Just as human thirst is emotional rather than physical.

The body is easy to deal with no matter what, but the emotional stuff is too difficult to deal with. Because emotions are too real, you can only feel this reality with your thoughts, and you cannot satisfy it with your flesh.

For example, a person is hungry. He eats a lot of food, and he seems to be full, but he still feels hungry. What is the reason for this? It is the manifestation of his spiritual hunger.

It can be seen that physical things are really easy to solve, but spiritual things are not easy to solve. The reason is that physical things can be faked, but emotional things cannot.

When there is no trust between people, he will have an emotional crisis and always have a sense of hunger. Ask him specifically what he lacks, and he may not be able to answer accurately, or it may be inconvenient to answer. In fact, it is the lack of trust that leads to the lack of love and the lack of security.

When a person has no love, he has no sense of security; when he has no sense of security, he naturally has no sense of trust.

A person who has no sense of trust will never be able to accomplish anything. He will always regard himself as an outsider, and naturally, he cannot lead and help others really well.