How to be a good team leader – softness

How to be a good team leader – softness

At Dingfa Safe, a good team leader must possess loyalty, maturity, trustworthiness, flexibility, flexibility, and judgment. A person can only become a real leader if he has all these conditions.

Softness: Softness is like water. No matter what happens to anyone, a person can overcome rigidity with softness, and he can let himself become what kind of person he is temporarily in whatever container he enters.

However, once this water was poured out, it immediately returned to its original state, and he was still the same him. This kind of character is very suitable for being a leader. He will always know what to avoid, what to cater to, with his mind, his strength, and nothing else.

Such a leader, no matter what kind of person he encounters, can turn into water, get into that person’s soul, figure out the structure of his soul, and then come out and restore his appearance.

Softness makes the world around and makes a wounded heart very peaceful because when encountering a leader with such softness like water, anyone will suddenly become infinitely relieved.