Dingfa Safe’s 14th Anniversary Testimonials

Dingfa Safe, China’s most professional safe manufacturer, has unknowingly gone through 14 years of entrepreneurial history.

It is because of your care and support that Dingfa Safe has grown from a small workshop to today’s modern production factory, expanding from one category to four categories–Safes, Gun Safes, Vault Doors, Steel Cabinet.

Dingfa Safe has become one of the most powerful production factories in China.

Creating value for customers is our original intention and philosophy, and also our eternal pursuit.

Here, once again thank you all for your care and support for us over the years, thank you, I love you!

Luoyang Xiaomianao Industrial Co.,Ltd
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Email: lydfsafe@gmail.com
Whatsapp: 86-15637939955
Website: dingfasafe.cn
Address: Dong Qu 6-1303, Zheng da Guo Ji,  Luoyang, China