Four tips for choosing a good safe

1. The size of the door bolt should be considered the anti-theft function, to destruct the door of the safe is the most common method of thieves, the door bolt should be thick and long enough, such a safe box has high anti-theft performance.  

2. The lock part should be unique. Is this kind of lock common in the market?  Is drilling protection added to the lock head?  Generally use the uncommon lock on the market, lock head part strengthened those who prevent drill processing, it is the safe with high anti-theft performance certainly.  

3 . Steel must be good so that it is not easy to be broken and cracked by external force drilling hammer damage, the method of judging the steel in a safe box: the same size of the safe box, heavier better, its anti-theft performance is high.  

4. To choose a good brand, a good brand of safes survives the rigorous test of the market, it’s worry-free and convenient to use such a safe.